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September 17th 2014


Or the Calm Before the Storm, or The Storm Before the Storm?

My Reflections on the Georgia Vs. South Carolina game

By John A. Carlos II

Not having a ticket for this game really hurt, but I still trenched down to the stadium to take some tailgating photos. I decided to hike from Rosewood down to the fairgrounds and from there just take it in. I was aware of the storm that could be rolling into Columbia right before kickoff, so I took the necessary precautions of putting a trash bag in my front cargo pants pocket (glad I did.)

At least I got to watch the game with some friends, drink some cold beer and I got to stay out of the rain!

All week long I had to hear how badly Georgia was going to beat us and how we had no prayer of stopping #3 Todd Gurley. No matter how hard I tried to convince the people around me that we did.

How I understood it we didn't necessarily have to stop number 3, we just needed to weather his contributions. Then make Georgia one-dimensional and then attack from there. Well you know how that went over, to these naysayers, like a lead balloon.

Who could really blame the fans, we had been here before, down and out. I could see the old mindset coming back to gamecock faithful again, "well I hope we can just win a game this year.”

To say this was a much-needed win is an understatement, spirits are once again high for the Garnet and Black. I know there are still improvements to be made, but at least there is a sense that the ship is being righted. Now is the time, it's full sails ahead lets take care of the Commodores, and lets not have a letdown game against Vanderbilt in Nashville.

Those Bulldog may have just awoken a starring snarling beast. The Gamecocks came into this year as one of the front runners for the national title, after week one that dream seem a mere fantasy, but now all of those dreams that we had are back in play.

And why not those clad in Garnet and Black? The rest of the football nation seems to be struggling, as much or more than the Gamecocks... It also seems that defense, optional this year! With the Big Ten and the PAC 12  at an all time lows. There is only four or five teams in week three look to be in a class above the rest of the mediocre pack, that is the NCAA these days. 

So Gamecocks chin up, and sharpen spurs!!!

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