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January 31h, 2016

Trump, Does His Thing In A Barn

Donald J. Trump makes his way back to South Carolina on January 27, 2016

By: John A. Carlos II

Donald J. Trump

January 27, 2016 - Gilbert, SC

It was a cold day in South Carolina, when GOP's front runner for  president came back to the Palmetto state. His venue for that nights rally served a stark contrast to the candidates normal button down business persona. The Republican presidential candidate made a campaign stop at Harmon’s Tree Farm in the small town just a few miles outside of Lexington.Thousands people attended the event, some parking their cars miles away in order to hear the New York Real estate tycoon. Packing a mid size barn and a spillover tent to hear Trump speak.  

Trump was keen to keep up the pressure on current number two in the GOP polls, Ted Cruz reiterating what he has over the past couple of weeks that Cruz "was born in Canada." Trump once again chastised Jeb Bush, for "wasting millions" during his running for president. Trump was also boastful that he could easily beat Hillary Clinton easily "she'd be a disaster."

At some point during the early moments of the speech, a woman near the stage apparently fainted. Trump remarked “There’s a woman who waited eight hours to be in the front row, and she faints... Maybe she fainted at how good looking I am. I don’t know. Who the hell knows?”

Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump

South Carolina Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster endorsed Trump stating that “Donald Trump speaks the truth" and that "He’s a man of distinction, a man of action. He speaks the truth, as he sees it, in words that everybody understands. … It’s a delightful thing to see. He has no hidden agenda.”

Trump confirmed that he would indeed be skipping the Fox debate in Iowa, and instead would be hosting a charity rally for vets. And  while the other candidates debated, Trump raised $6M for vets occurring to sources. Trump, may have even won the debate, despite being there.  The candidates that attended, couldn't stop bringing up, all things Trump even going as far to mentioning his political plans on stage for him. And there was heavy indication that Trump won political conversations on the social networks like Twitter and Facebook, during the debate.

So can Trump win the GOP's nomination? To quote Trump "I don’t know. Who the hell knows?”

Donald J. Trump

Article & Photos by: John Carlos II Copyright 2016

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