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Best of 2016

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Five Taco Paltter

Five Taco Paltter:
Avocado Crunch
Fried avocado, black bean corn relish, fresh guacamole,
citrus slaw & salsa verde

Sambol Fish
Tempura fried fish with kimchi, pickled red onions, & sambal aoili

Pad Thai Chicken
Grilled chicken with spicy peanut sauce, carrots,
red cabbage, cucumber, sriracha salsa & cilantro

Gochujang Shrimp
Chili marinated grilled shrimp, smoky plantain puree,
mango salsa, citrus slaw & cilantro chimichurri

Carne Asada
Spice rubbed grilled sirloin served in our signature puffy corn
tortilla with smoky chile salsa, pico de gallo & shaved iceberg

Sides on Five Taco Platter:
Mexican Street Corn & Edamame with Ginger Chile Salt

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