February 17th 2014

Family Photos

By: John A. Carlos II

Restoring Old Photos of My Father

Recently I embarked on an assignment to scan and document all of my family's old photographs and news clippings. Many of these are not in very good condition, is a test of my skills as a photographer and an artist to restore these and to Document them for future generations. My Dad's senior portrait. I only have a few proofs to work with so I'll have to make the best of what I have.

Wedding Day with Grandma and Grandpa Carlos

This photograph has shaped the way I view weddings. It's of my grandmother my and my grandfather, on their wedding day happy complete and new. Weddings in a lot of ways are a renewal of love, it's a commitment to each other for the rest of your life. Sadly sometimes the rest of our lives aren't as long as we would hope for or long fore.This was the case for my grandmother & grandfather didn't have long together, but what they did have was some really good years. I would've really like to know my grandfather. I would've liked to shake his hand know his thoughts know his dreams and or hopes.Time is a fickle creature it never stops, it never sleeps... Life is hard and the ones we choose to fight through it with is constantly changing all say but this one special person that you say I'm going to fight with you. Marriage is a symbol of your commitment, it's a symbol of your integrity, and it is a symbol of your faith in those you choose to battle though time with, how ever long that may be.


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