April 25th 2014

Family Photos From April 2014

By: John A. Carlos II

Brayden Longino's first Gamecock game was this year at USC's Spring Game. He was amazed by the score board and actually watched some of the game! 

It was a hot day so we left after the awards where given out. There is always a part of me that wants to create and sometimes that comes in conflict with my want to spend time with my family. 

The Birthday Party, April is a busy month for my family. We celebrate three birthdays in this month and my sisters birthday is on May 8th so one could argue that we celebrate four birthday.

After the "Cake" headed to River Banks Zoo. I love seeing the look of awe and wonder on kids faces. Brayden was astounded by all the wildlife.   


It was a good month I hope Jeremy's party will be as much fun as Brayden's!


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