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February 12, 2016

Looking Forward

John Kasich's Positive Message

By: John A. Carlos II and John A. Carlos Sr.

When I heard that the Governor of my birth state was going to be in Orangeburg (home to another man with the same name as yours truly...) I knew that I had to invite my father to lunch. After all, my father was born in Ohio too, so this would be one of those rare of opportunities, that people should take more often when they come to pass.

My father has never really seen me do my photography outside an occasional family shoot. As the day unfolded I knew I wanted to make a blog post about this day and I was keen to know what my Dad thought of Governor Kasich, so I asked him to write a little something. 

John A. Carlos, Sr. -

John Richard Kasich came in through the back door and went out by the front. My mother always said that was bad luck and in JRK’s case I hope that old wife’s tale is wrong. Upon arrival he quickly spun tales about his humble beginnings and how his mother cried when Roberto Clemete died in a plane crash and how that taught him to feel the pain of other people and not to rely on the government. He said all the things that everyone wanted to hear: save Social Security, save Medicare, repair the infrastructure, and get both parties to work together. All rhetoric that got applause.

In the end Governor Kasich left the impression that he is a down to earth guy with common sense and the ability to look at both sides of a situation and make a decision. He has seen many sides of government and might be the second most experienced candidate – the Republicans have many choices but JRK might be their best choice.

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Article & Photos by: John Carlos II Copyright 2016

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