September 3rd 2014

Witness To The Massacre!

Reflections on the Texas A&M Vs. South Carolina game

By John A. Carlos II

It's a week later and it still hurts.

The Gamecocks had a lot going for them like the nation's longest home winning streak, and the fact that Steve Spurrier had only lost 1 season-opening game in 24 years as a collegiate head coach, so no I can't say I saw this coming.

Just the night the before the game Gamecock fans were out in full force in the front of the South Carolina's State House. This was the sight of the Texas A&M's midnight yell practice, few of the Aggie fans knew how close they were to the campus. The Gamecock contingent were feisty, confident, and in good spirit after all this was their home and their yard. No one knew of the horror that awaited them in just a few hours. The clan clad in Garnet and Black shouted down the Aggie faithful with various chants like "Where's Johnny!" and "Conner's better!"

Honestly after the last few seasons the Gamecocks have had what Carolina fan would've seen this debacle happening? Since Steve Spurrier got to Columbia the Cocks have been among the tops of the country in recruiting and on the field. The gamecocks were poised to have a good season (and still may). Turning into the 2014 season the Cocks had one of their highest preseason ranking #9 in the country. Although losing the number one overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft and the winning quarterback in school history, the gamecocks had a lot going for them in the 2014 season they had a quarterback with some history of winning, and Mike Davis who looked the part to have a breakout season. 

And on Thursday I saw all that hope go out of most of the Garnet and Black faithful, this was the first time in five years at least that I saw Gamecocks shaken back to the dark times of 0-11. I heard things over the past week I haven't heard in a while around the midlands. Like "maybe Next season!" I shouted "NEXT Season, what about THIS season!" Sure we look bad as bad I've seen them in almost as long as I've the cries of "Next Season," but the Cocks have something going for them THIS season... It was just the first game all of their hopes and dreams are still alive. The Gamecocks can turn this into a positive, motivate themselves for the rest of the season and find themselves in the SEC Championship game, maybe even the new four team playoffs!

Sadly It was all downhill from this point on the Cocks allowed Texas A&M to score on the opening drive of the game, and almost everyone after.

A&M must have astronauts playing because they had a ton space! It kinda reminded me of theDixie Chicks song "Wide Open Spaces!" because we certainly had room to make the big mistakes.

Well bring on ECU! Because I think the Gamecocks are going to show what they can do this coming Saturday. Let's hope they get stronger!

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